What is the right strategy in handling open-ended Mutual Funds ?

Should it be dealt like stocks ? Pull out when market is high and invest in secure funds and come back when market is low ? Is this the right way ? or should I invest and forget for long term ? But wont pulling out on high and coming back on low increase my profits ?

What is the right strategy in handling open-ended Mutual Funds ?
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  1. Open-ended mutual fund prices behave like stocks, and a buy low, sell high strategy works the same. That way you lock in profits.

    Some things to consider, with these funds as well as with stocks:

    How do you know when the price is high, and when it is low? You could be missing out if you lock in the first profit you see.

    If you sell, and then wait for the price to go down so you can buy again, what strategy do you have for your money in the interim?

    For me, staying in for the long term and adjusting the portfolio from time to time is a better approach, but it all depends on your investment strategy: What your goals are, how many years you intend to be an investor, etc.

  2. Hi. I’m a Wealth Manager in Inference Wealth Management Services Pvt Ltd. It is very difficult to time the share market, in fact its impossible, even the professionals end up taking wrong decisions. So instead of you trying to buy and sell and buy again you might end up taking a wrong decision. What i suggest is that have some patience and faith in your investments and over a longer period of time you will surely get good returns. If there is any clarification needed then do feel free to email me.

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