what is the process to change the lic insurance agent?

how to change the lic insurance agent. what is the process. presently i am in overseas . i cannot go to any lic office personally. can someone help me out regarding this. appreciate.

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  1. Hi, as per my knowledge you cannot change LIC agent. If you have any problem with the agent then you can complain to the branch manager from where you have taken the policy.

  2. Since u r overseas…..
    u can do these:-
    1) Type a letter to change ur agent and provide ur desired LIC agent name and code and sent that through courier to the indian main branch.
    2) obtain a fax number and fax the same letter 2 them.
    3)courier the same letter 2 anyone in INDIA (ur relative or friend) and ask them to submit the letter to the office directly…

  3. How I will get details of irda licence no in my name without inform my parent company ? Please help me in this regard.

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