4 Replies to “what is the procedure to invest in Reliance Natural Resource Fund, can anyone suggest how to do it please?”

  1. Simply go to one of the bank you have account in. I know you can do it through ICICI or HSBC and many others. Just go to the bank you have account in and tell them you would like to invest in these Fund. Most likely they would be likely to help you

  2. simple, go to a mf investment chamber and buy units of reliance n.r fund at n.f.o price that is rs 10/- per unit.( u must take a copy of your pan card). at a certain limit this is exemted from tax

  3. Go to reliance mutual fund website and download the application form.


    Click on Natural Resources – Form & KIM – Final.

    It will give you the form. You can fill it up yourself. If you need help you can go their office in your respective city. Apart from application you only need copy of your PAN number (certified) and cheque of desired amount to invest.

    Tax position will remain same like other mutual funds i.e.

    The fund does not have any tax benefits on your income. Taxation structure: For investments of more than one year, no tax. Dividends are tax free. Further the benefit of no entry load is not extended to this fund as this fund was launched on 1st and the ruling of no entry load for direct applications came on 4th.

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