3 Replies to “What is the procedure for invest the metual fund?”

  1. now, it is mandatory to have a PAN card before you can apply for mutual fund. after that it is easy, just decide on which fund house you would like to buy from then do some research by comparing some of their mutual funds and invest in best mutual fund. go for the one with good past performance record over longer period of time. to compare funds you can visit this link, http://www.moneycontrol.com/india/mutualfunds/comparefunds/14/14/mf_compare/All

  2. The simple answer would be to get in touch with an AMFI advisor. You just need the PAN card to be able to invest in Mutual Funds.

    But I would urge you to first take a look at your risk profile, check out with different AMFI advisors and also undertand the various types of mutual funds before putting your money into MFs.

    I would recommend to start with valueresearchonline.com for mutual funds.

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