4 Replies to “what is the procedure for changing address for HDFC mutual fund?”

  1. if you have your statement it has a help line

    or contact the address
    HDFC Asset Management Company Limited
    Ramon House, 3rd Floor, H.T Parekh Marg,
    169, Backbay Reclamation, Churchgate,
    Mumbai – 400020.
    Tel .: 60006767 (Do not prefix STD code)
    1800 233 6767 (Toll-free)
    Fax : 022 – 22821144

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    Always remember that any mutual fund pays dividends out of the gains it generates. The outcome of this is that the fund size reduces by the amount of money distributed. This is clearly reflected in the drop in the net asset value, NAV, of the dividend option (by the amount of dividend per unit distributed).

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