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  1. hi,

    depends on what type of scheme he is investing in
    if he has a debt oriented mutual fund or a government backed or money market mutual fund the returns would not vary much because they are known for their safety.and assured returns

    but if its equity oriented ot balanced (assuming you are asking for this)
    the returns might not be too good curently but cannot say what it could be two years down the line in case market gains or atleast becomes steady you can even expect a good and resonable returns .
    try focussing on past performance of fund and avenues it has invested the money in.
    to conclude investor should be more concerned of his investment currently rather than two years down the line

  2. No one can tell you what it will be one month from now. Further, it very difficult to predict the value of any one stock. With mutual funds you have to factor in the expertise (and luck) of the fund manager. Expertise is not a word that anyone would readily apply to the financial sector these days.

  3. I bet they still will not have recovered all the losses (that I managed to avoid).

    Right now their “position” is bent over, head between the legs, kissing their “money” goodbye.

  4. Listen
    In any other mutual fund i don’t know…
    SIP mutual fund always good
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