4 Replies to “What is the most beneficial child education plan in India?”

  1. Plans are many but what will suit you depends upon many things,Like
    Term ( Tenure ) that you want ??? Amount you wish to invest ?? Due you want all your money at maturity or do you want that money should come at regular intervals ??? Are you looking for a traditional products with returns of 8 to 10 % or are you ready to take a bit risk and go for a market linked product ?? ( i am a financial consultant by profession )

  2. Insurance is a tools to protect the family in case of unfortunate death of bread winner of family. And a child can not be bread winner.

    if you are looking for a INVESTMENT option in the name of your kid, i will not suggest you a life insurance plan in the name of kid.

    However if you are looking for a insurance plan to protect the future of your kid against all odds of the life then I will suggest you to go for a insurance plan in your own name and child as a benificiary.

    You can go for following options
    1. Jeevan Anand – [for parents]
    2. Jeevan Anurag – [For Parents]
    3. Komal Jeevan – [for kids]
    4. Jeevan Kishore – [for kids]

    A combination of different plans
    presentation – http://www.esnips.com/doc/1310036f-a865-4d14-aff2-374290dff367/Presentation-for-LIC-of-Indias-Child-Career-Plan/?widget=documentIcon

  3. In case of a child plan, one typically invests to meet the needs during certain events/ milestones in the child’s life such as graduation, post graduation, launch marriage and so on. Since, one therefore has a finite number of years to put together a corpus for their child’s future, the earlier one starts the more one stands to benefit.

    In India one of the best child education plan which you can go for is Aviva Young Scholar Plan which i feel is beneficial as it has attractive returns, enhanced by bonus units every 5 years to build the desired corpus of funds on maturity of the policy. Check their website for more information.

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