6 Replies to “What is the minimum time a health insurance policy can be bought for?”

  1. there are two thing in health insurance
    1.medical insurance
    2.accident insurance

    Medical Insurance-you can take it for 1yr to find out weather it is help full or not
    it is need only if you get frequent health problem

    Accident Insurance-if you love travel and do many journey then its is must you are take it for 1yr
    but its is only best if you take for at least 5-7yrs

    If you want to keep your family safe for everything then take accident Insurance..

  2. Hi, Yes you need Health Insurance with life and accident Insurance Plans. Simply because you cannot postpone hospital expenses in case of emergency . This might be due to illness , accident or any unexpected hospitalization.

    The minimum period is for 1 year. However you can policy before a year within 6 months and you will receive money on prorate basis.

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