8 Replies to “what is the minimum amount to be invested in a mutual fund?”

  1. It depends on the mutual fund. Many are between $1000-3000. But if you agree to make regular automatic deposits some funds will waive the minimum and allow you to contribute $50-100 a month. Vanguard lowered the minimum on 27 of their funds to a $1000

  2. To add to what Jeff said: many funds also have lower fees if you invest more money. For instance, for American Funds the rate starts out as 5.75% but declines to 3.5% or 2.5% if you invest more than $100,000.

  3. it depends the company
    for solidforexmanager is 5000
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  4. I believe that your good selves is investing in Indian Mutual Fund.
    Two Options are there.
    Lumpsum amont is Rs 5000.00
    Systematic Investment Plan ( i.e. Monthly Like Recurring Deposit) Rs. 500 and Even Rs.100 Per Month
    Still needs clarification
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  5. There is a large variety of mutual funds schemes available in the market today. The minimum amount to invest in them totally depends upon the type of mutual fund scheme you select. You can opt for small investment schemes wherin you have to just invest Rs.1000 per month or else you even go for bigger investment. You can consult an expert to help you in finding the best mutual funds scheme suiting your financial goals and risk appetite.

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