What is the main difference between Nifty and Sensex?

These days share market has been the hot topic of discussion almost everywhere.. bein an avid news listener i too followed evry detail of it..but m still not very clear as on what exactly is the difference between nifty, sensex n NSE??
Please help..

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  1. sensex is the sensitivity of the market, it is calculated
    on the basis of 30 comanies free-flot market
    nifty is the national representation of 50 companies.

  2. Nifty is the measurement term used in National stock exchange. it represent the overall economy picture as it presents top 50 companies listed on it. (which means top 50 company of india)

    Sensex is term used in Bombay stock exchange. Its value is based on the top 30 companies listed on it. As bombay is the finance capital of india, Sensex has become very important.

    Both stock exchange are meant for enabling fair and systematic trade of shares in open market. Both have almost similar rules and regulations. Only slight difference are there. The volume of trade done in Nifty is much more than Sensex.

  3. Hi,

    The index of top 50 companies in NSE is called NIFTY. The index of top 30 companies in BSE is called SENSEX.
    Index is a measurement of trend of share prices.
    It is a lead indicator of the performance of the overall economy.
    It shows the market behaviour.
    Hope it helps.

    Happy Trading

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