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  1. I know nothing of India Health Insurance but in America not having health insurance is a death sentence if you ever get really sick here in the US. No cash, no medicine, no chemotherapy, no doctors. If you are very poor the government will give you minimal help if you are a child or on a social disability plan but the average person without coverage here pretty much suffers.

  2. I cannot answer the 2nd part of the question…sorry. The importance of health care insurance is not an individualistic motive, as most people think. From a superficial standpoint, it enables you, the patient, to pay less at the time of service, regardless if you paid more or less overall in the insurance plan itself. The real importance of any insurance is the spread of risk among community or plan members, with the assumption that the consequence of the risk is unplanned, unwanted, serious, and can be expensive.

  3. Importantance of health care is given by others.

    Regarding health care companies, it is best according to ones own need and age, health condtion.
    You have to select the policy which suits you the best.

    I can suggest one thing in india, there is two exclusive health insurance companies exist, that is Star Health Insurance and Apollo DKV.