what is the format to write a letter to the bank manager asking for a housing loan?

I want to write a letter to the bank manager saying regarding the housing loan that my mother is going to get. I am in kuwait and I willbe paying the loan amount back to the bank according to the bank rules.

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  1. I am answering this question as if this is a question of a person wanting to purchase a house in the United States.

    It matters not about you writing a letter to the bank indicating that you would be paying the monthly mortgage based on the mortgage loan agreement singed by your mother.

    Your mother would have to qualify for a mortgage loan based on her salary or income. She would have to be able to prove with income taxes, w-2 forms and bank statements that she is able to pay the monthly mortgage on her own.

    In order for you to assist your mother in the application process, you might consider being on the mortgage loan as a non owner occupied co-signer. In doing this you would be required to sign the mortgage loan application with proof of your income with 2 years of federal income taxes, w-2 and bank statements. Also you would be equally liable for the repayment of the mortgage loan.

    You would also be required to sign the mortgage loan docs. Since you are in another country, the mortgage lender would sent the mortgage loan docs to you. You would be required to sing these mortgage loan docs in the presence of a notary public. Normally a notary public is located in the American Embassy U.S. trade consultant. If there is a U.S. military base nearby you might consider finding out if they have a notary public that would be able to witness your signature.

    I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

    “FIGHT ON”

  2. You need not any letter. Banks have printed application form. Just walk in ask for housing loan application. But before approaching the Bank ensure the following
    1. Whether the loan is for constructing a new house/ to buy a new house / old house.
    2. The location of the plot to construct / address of the new / old house
    3. Type of the house / plan etc.
    4. The cost involved.
    5 Your Income tax details / total earning/ how much you can make down payment.
    6 The title of the house
    7 If your mother is going to avail loan, her age and income details.

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