3 Replies to “What is the formality of Invest in Mutual Fund?”

  1. You shd have a acc in a bank from where you can make (preferably) direct debit and credit,e.g.HDFC.Kotak Bank,ICICI bank.
    After you have opened the a/c tell them you want to invest oin M.F’s they will help and advise you.
    Not sure but min amt could be rs 500.
    Happy investing.

  2. How to invest?
    U need a bank account and a cheque book to invest. Any amount above 50000 needs a PAN Card.
    There are agents like me who can help u in investing

    What kind of safety?
    there are various fund available which give u different options, Like High risk and low risk. remember that High risk leads to higher rewards and low risk to low rewards.
    Mutual funds are managed by professional fund managers with necessary resourses to analyze the financial market.

    Minimum Amount?
    Minimum amount to invest could be as low as rs 500 per month.

    What we get After investing?
    Some funds give us Income tax benefits under section 80c upto 1 lacs.
    The returns are not assured but last one year returns have been higher than 15% for all equity oriented schemes.
    Get in touch for more info
    Happy and safe investing

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