2 Replies to “What is the exact meaning of title issue while purchasing property in India?”

  1. The issue is actually about whether the “title is clear”.

    The term ” clear title” refers to whether the property in question is free from disputes or claimants which means that the property is free from any encumbrances.

    For a property which does not have a clear title, the buyer can land into various problems such as litigations with other claimants, forceful eviction , loss of property etc. So it is important to find out if the “title” of the property is clear before entering into any transaction.

    When a title of a property is clear, the property is considered worthy of buying. To find out whether a title is clear, you must get in touch with a reputed lawyer in India who is conversant with property documentation. He has the exact procedure to determine whether a title of a property is clear or otherwise.

    Never buy property in India without determining the title of the property. Spend some money on investigating the clarity of the title and you will always thank yourself for the prudence.

  2. Not only in India but anywhere in the world, while buying property, you have to verify that the seller or sellers have a clear title to the property. i.e. whether they are the legal owners and have the right to transfer the property to you.

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