what is the effective means for saving money? (Indian context)?

Money saved in mutual fund is worthier to that saved in Post office saving. can u suggest means to save money on a dependable way
I have to save the money which I may get shortly ( arrear re-imbursement).. I wish it to be saved safe but in a most benefitting manner. Thats why I sought help from you people I dint mean anything said in your answers. Please be serious and give me yor valuable suggestions. expect u my frends help

what is the effective means for saving money? (Indian context)?
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  1. Before selecting any product , you need to be sure about your goals or targets for which you want to accumulate money. Selecting a product will be more easier when you are clear about the time frame you want to stay invested in that and which will laso help us to understand your risk profile.

  2. Savings of hard earned money should be well planned & with purpose.You can save for short term
    as well for long term depending upon when you need the amount or may be in emergent circumstances.You can invest a part in good mutual funds for long term & a part you can put it
    in fixed deposit of bank for 3-5 years. You can buy gold for small amount & also a plot of land if it is availble on instalment or may be a flat partly out of bank’s loan where you repay in monthly instalment which is a indirect saving & you can avail benefit of income tax for repaying interest &
    principle amount.Your savings depends on all your future plans which you will always cherish.

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