What is the ecs bounce charge of ICICI Bank?

I was paying the premium amount of a life insurance through ECS (ICICI Bank). Due to the lack of money in my account I plan to pay through credit card. Even if I pay by credit card the transaction will be done automatically (which can’t be disabled). So I cant avoid the bounce. Is there a way around to avoid the bounce?

What is the ecs bounce charge of ICICI Bank?
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  1. Close the ICICI bank account .

    in bank tell that i am paying the ecs amt through credit card.

    ICICI bank people are very big FRAUDS. Cheats …
    (they will always wait for opportunity and they screw always people who pays regularly and promptly and make them default and …………..)

    Immediately i am tellling to just close the icici bank account.

    i am also ex employee of bank so i am suggesting u as a friend.

    dont get in to problem……..

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