6 Replies to “what is the difference between nationalised banks & scheduled banks?”

  1. a scedule bank is one authorized by reserve bank of india to act as a banker. only scheduled banks can do banking business in india. nationalized banks are those owned and managed by govt. both nationalized and private bank have to be scheduled bank for operation of their business. this is in india. similar control may be exercised by central bank of country (in india rbi) in other countries.

  2. Scheduled bank are those who is member of Reserve Bank of India & Nationalised bank has govt. controlling alongwith membership of RBI.

  3. Scheduled bank: a bank authorised by the RBI to do core banking business, foreign exchange transactions, etc. Cooperative banks are not scheduled banks

    Nationalised bank: a scheduled bank owned and operated by the government of India

  4. Nationalised bank which carrys ur country or state name with it for example – State Bank of India is a Nationalised
    Scheduled banks can be call as community created banks like a commiunity of GSB Brahims introduceds a bank called North Canara GSB Bank which is a schedule bank

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