What is the difference between Gold credit card and Platinum credit card?

I search many sites for apply credit card but i am confuse in between gold and platinum credit card. i want know who is best in both and what’s features they have both?

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  1. gold is better than platinum credit card.
    both are same feature but the diff.is credit limit
    gold credit card’s limit is high as platinum credit card.
    so gold is better….,

  2. It depends on which bank you’re getting the card from but here in my country the main differences are;

    1) The Platinium CC has a higher limit then of the Gold CC
    2) If the card gives you bonus points after each usage, Platinium give more points then the gold.

    Thats the only two benefits I see.

    The contrubutor above me says gold is better…But thats not the way it goes here in Turkey..I don’t know how it is where you live but Platinium is rated higher then the gold…just to let you know..

  3. Basically none.
    Just look on the website and see which one has no Annual Fee.
    Pick that one.

    If you get this card, pay it in full each month.
    No games of carrying balances that can easily destroy credit.

  4. It varies depending on the particular bank. The difference is in the fees and interest rates, as well as some useless consumer traps they add on as features you do not need, such as airline frequent flier miles. You simply have to read the terms of any particular card and see if it’s what you want.

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