3 Replies to “what is the current residential real estate trend in pune with the dollars rates falling?”

  1. Pune? never heard of pune.

    BUT, if anything the lower dollar would increase prices because of encouraging foreign investment in real estate.

    I hope that was an answer to the question you wanted to ask ; )

    edit: wonder where unableto pulled those whack stats from, OMG! LOL!

  2. what is pune? Do you mean Peru. Housing is much different there. Much cheaper, but poorly built. The government is very unstable. A person from the USa would find get a job almost impossible and the pay very low.

  3. It depends on location. Average drop of 10% is expected in the next 2-5 months. 20% in Las Vegas area. 10% in SF bay area. 30% more in Sacramento and stockton CA area. 10% to 20% in New York area since they never drop at all which they are starting to drop now. Even Seattle will drop 10% or more. That is just part of the bubble.

    Humans are sometimes crazy and buy very high prices. When High prices they love and buy when low they think twice before buying. Just like in the stock market. That is human behaviour. The trend for housing in the next 20 years is for prices to double from current levels but it will take a long time for the price to go back up. Take many years. It is better to invest in the stock market instead.

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