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  1. Go to the website of company, Login there to check the fund performance, or contact your life advisor.

    Insurance is nowadays treated as an investment. By this you are giving
    1. Protection to your family if something goes wrong
    2. You are saving a part of your money which help you in future for your childs career, marriage, for purchasing you a car, home or fulfill your other needs.
    3. If you are tax payer by this you are also saving Tax. If you are investing 15,000 means you are saving at least 1500 on Tax.

    This sector gives you a good return per year.

    Under Section 80C you will get Tax benefit upto Investment of Rs. 1,00,000.

    In my opinion every person should hv insurance. I am a life Insurance Advisor, for more clarification call me on 9999088173 (Delhi).

    If you are interested in Investment and saving Income Tax. Invest your money in Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance. This will give you a proper investment plan which suits your requirements. If you invest 25,000 per year and taking a policy for 20 years, in 20 years if market gives you the return at 15 % rate, your total amount after 20 years will be 21,00,000 (21 Lac). For your kind information return in popular funds of Kotak are given below:
    1. Kotak Opportunities fund, 76.6 % last year.
    2. Kotak Aggressive growth fund, 79.4 % last year.
    3. Kotak Dynamic floor fund, 28.7 % last year.
    You can check the performance of these funds by logging on the Kotak website i.e. http://www.kotaklifeinsurance.com

    If you intersted plaese call or sms me on 9999088173, Vinay Kumar, Delhi.

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