What is the current KYC formality for new mutual fund investors?

What KYC formalities are to be done at the time of new mutual fund investments in India? is there any special form to be filled up for KYC or will I just have to submit my photo-proof and address-proof with application (in addition to PAN copy)?

Second, I have invested in several funds in small amounts. Will I have have to complete KYC formality for each fund?

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  1. Hi,
    KYC is nothing but Know Your Customer means the AMCs to whom you submit your
    application for the purchase of units of a fund,as per SEBI they must know that who is the
    person purchasing the units for this they require your ID, where exactly he is living means
    his proper address proof required,then of course your self attested photograph should be pasted
    on the space provided in the form.along with your PAN card.

  2. KYC = know your customer or client.

    Go to CAMS office with proof of address , PAN original , photo and xerox copies .

    You will get a KYC acknowledgement after 1 week. Submit a copy to CAMS & Karvy giving details of your investments.

  3. Investors have to provide the relevant documents and information ONLY ONCE for complying with KYC. After that Investors could invest in the schemes of all mutual funds by merely attaching a copy of the KYC acknowledgement slip with the application form / transaction slip when investing for the first time in every folio (Post KYC) in each Mutual Fund house, without the necessity to submit the KYC documents again.

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