What is the Commission rates for LIC Agents on various policies?

Could you pleas provide the details or the link of website where I can get the details of the commission rates that a LIC agent gets for various policies.
(If there any LIC agents please tell what is the percentage of commission that you get for each scheme)
Ya.. thats right… but I prefer actual figures atleast for LIC Policies…. How much do you get for Endowment Policies, Money Back, Term policies, Traditional, Pure Term, ULIPS etc…..
If you have any source of the information, please mention it.

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  1. 1st yr 2nd yr Sub. Yr
    For money back 15% 7.5% 5%
    For endowment 25% 7.5% 5%
    For single premium 2% nil nil

    A bonus of 40% on commison is also payble when agent is qualified. That means if commison is 1000 rs then bonus commison will be 400 rs.

  2. for each product, u will receive different commission. if it is a term assurance, then the comission will be some what low. if it is ULIP product, then the comission will be some what higher. So according to the market condition & risk beared by the company, the actuaries will fix the comission for the agents. so for each product, the demand & risk differs.

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