What Is the circuit limit and contract in sharemarket?

Acconrding to the stock of the week was Akruti City, which jumped 37% despite Friday’s 27% and thursday 15% fall. The NSE will exclude (why ?)the stock from F&O list. Its April and May contracts will close on March 26, 2009. The stock will be available for trading with a 5% circuit.(whats this) can someone expect the above scripe price will fall tomorrow are comming days despite of sensex up (if i hoping)

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  1. In the context of stock markets, circuit is the price limit or range, outside which the stock price can’t go.
    For example, let’s say closing price of X stock yesterday was 100 Rs. The applicable circuit limit for X is 5%. In this circumstances, the price of X can’t go above 105 (5% above previous close) and below 95 (5% below previous close).

    Please not that this limit is different for different stocks. For some stocks, the limit may be 5%, while for some stocks, it may be 10% or 20% also. For a newly listed company also, there is a circuit limit of 20% from its issue price.
    If the stock is in F&O there is no cirucit is applicable. in case circuit is 5% it can rise or fall 5 percent daily not more.

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