what is the best way to invest money in market….?? (i am very new in this criteria)?

hi all….
i want to invest some little bit money in market and i am very new in this criteria
can somebody give me the answer of following question:-
1) what is the diffrance betwenn online invest and thorugh a broker ??
2) For 1000 Rs SIP which is Best Mutual Fund ??
3) where can i invest “share market” or “mutual fund” ??

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  1. 1/. Online appears cheaper (cheap commission). But is it really cheaper? You can chat to brokers, get advice, get better prices.
    Small investors don’t have much choice-they have to go online.

  2. Always look for a good advisor to invest in mutual funds and his/her services are must to you for the entire term. Don’t forget to pay the advisory fees Bcoz., not only for his/her good advice, but a sea of changes are happening in investment world. Only a good advisor can get you in and out. Investing in Gold is not as good as bad.

  3. There are many ways to invest money. A best way to invest money depends on how much risk you can take and when you are expecting the returns. You can consider investing on Stocks, Gold, Real estate, security bonds, medical insurance, life insurance, bank deposits, Mutual funds etc. Each of the investment schemes has varying risk factors and returns. Hope below link provides some more information to find out the best way to invest money.
    Better to go for a finance adviser who can suggest you where to invest based on your criteria.

  4. For a person with no experience , go for mutual funds.

    Invest only via SIP.

    Stick to large cap funds like HDFC TOP 200 / DSPBR TOP 100 or BALANCED Fund like HDFC PRUDENCE FUND.

    Avoid NFOs / SECTOR FUNDS.

    After a few years experience you can start investing in stocks. For this you will need to open a demat a/c.

    Stick to 10 leading companies in different fields. Buy in small lots.

    Visit http://www.valueresearchonline.com to understand mutual funds.

  5. Hi,

    Avoid invest in share market direct.

    Go to mutual funds.

    Mutual Funds is basically two types:-

    – Close Ended

    – Open Ended

    In Close ended a time period is open for investing or switching money.

    But in open ended no time required for investing or switching money.

    You are invest in money in mutual fund in one short. And second way which is very good way for investing money in mutual fund.

    Open A SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) it is a very good idea for investing money in mutual fund.
    In this you have invest monthly basis. you are started with your price….


    For any business ideas, try to visit online B2B marketplaces full of business opportunities.


  6. Jitesh, if you are an absolute novice in stock trading, I would strongly recommend that you consult a professional investment advisor. Stock trading can be risky if you enter the market without proper knowledge and preparation. As far as your questions are concerned, find my response below:

    1. Online trading means you buy and sell shares or other investment instruments using the Internet instead of going through a human broker. Online trading has many benefits such as low commissions and 24/7 access.
    2. There are many mutual funds you can invest in through a Rs 1000 SIP scheme such as HDFC Mutual Fund, Birla Sun Life, etc. I would urge you to select a fund per your financial objectives and risk profile.
    3. Mutual funds, according to me, are a better investment option for small investors because of the considerably lower risk associated with them as opposed to the share market.

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