What is the best way to invest money for a year..say to invest around Rs. 20,000?

if you say mutual funds, plz specify how I can get details of which mutual funds are better etc..I t would be nice if you could substantiate your answer with how I can gain more information on it..thanks.

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  1. Mutual funds are more a mid term 2-5 year strategy. With the instability in financial services companies and tier 2 investment companies, i would find a good high interest bank account. Better to get a couple of percent less and keep you money than lose it all.

    You could take a mid ground and put half in the bank and invest the rest in low risk shares – but the risk of this is higher

  2. personally i would sujjest go for SBI , HSBC mutualfunds with open end. and be4 u invest see that there is no entry load and exit load .. and u will atleast earn min of 32 % in one year with bonus amount …
    happy investing 🙂

  3. Well, Best option is ELSS. Equity linked saving schemes. Even I am same like you have 20,000 and will invest in ELSS. You can also do SIP in ELSS.
    Your money will be safe.
    Remember the following points:
    1. Do not go for ULIPS…….
    2. If you come across an Agent…. ask as many questions to him…. First of all he will not give you an exact answer.
    3. If you go for some policy….. read the document carefully…. no matter if it’s 10 pages….. if unsure ask them what is this.
    4. Always remember you have 15 days to turn the offer down if you think it’s not good.
    5. Start a PPF with 500 INR per month.
    6. Look for new funds which are coming in the market…..
    Lastly I will say….. that there are many scams done in this business…It’s your hard money don’t loose it easily.
    If you come across an agent ask him what fees will he charge, what are administration fees, what is commission rate…. because all these charges goes from your pocket.
    If you get any more info mail me on [email protected].
    PS. See sites. moneycontrol.com.

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