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  1. No one is paying much interest these days and the more return you get on an investiment the riskier it is going to be. Stick with the mutual fund that is based on an index like the overall S&P.

  2. = Not a fan of mutual funds.
    ETF’s perform just as well and have much lower fees.
    Some funds will charge you 2% or more of your gains
    ^^^ It’s crazy – yet some people still do it.
    ETF’s are proving that they perform just as well

    = Also not a fan of individual shares
    You take a risk by not diversifying

    Google: ETF’s
    They allow you to diversify which protects your portfolio

  3. It’s not an easy question to answer for short term strategy. There are a number of right and wrong answers and the right answer would be known in 3 years. There are a lot of factors that come into play. What is the risk you are willing to take? High risk the answer would be direct shares of stocks. Lower risk would be mutual funds. There is a lot of research you would have to undertake. Right now I would read Money Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Kiplingers, and Smart Money are just a start. Many of these magazines show the best performing mutual funds and best stock performers. It’s like playing roulette wheel on picking individual stocks. You need to pick a portfolio and diversify no matter how you look at it. No one is going to be able to tell you without knowing your strategy and comfort level in your investments. Good luck and enjoy the financial world.

  4. If you have time and energy to do some research , basic analysis direct shares can give you better results that mutual funds.

  5. The hot Mutual Fund now is probably going to be the worst one in three years because a lot of new money will flow into it and the manager cant’ find the enough good stocks to keep up. Mutual Funds usually do poorly anyway, can you just buy an ETF or shares yourself and avoid the high fees?

  6. According to me, best future investment plan in present is Mutual Funds & Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). The main motive behind investing in mutual fund is that it diversifies the risk of collective bearing. Since, it is a collection of different investment securities; therefore it is very much safe from market fluctuations. The central idea is that since all securities do not perform in the same manner, even in tumultuous market conditions, therefore the combined investment remains relatively safe from market fluctuations. Besides this, your mutual fund portfolio is managed by a dedicated portfolio manager who works closely with your portfolio to help your money exponentially in the long run. Portfolio Managers have all the expertise with them as they have access to up-to –the date, market research, that helps them to invest money in the right places. To know more about mutual funds and SIPs u can visit http://www.nsebse.com.

  7. share trading is first
    share investment is second
    reg mutual fund they invest in share markets and earn profit if you go there they take a commission
    then y cn’t u ur self do is my question after all you have to watch the market
    if u investment ur money and hesitate to watch then any thing will be risky and difficult to do

  8. Both, mutual funds and shares are good to invest in. It totally depends upon the investor’s financial needs to decide where to invest in. Both have their own pros and cons. Mutual funds may prove beneficial for risk-averse people who wants guaranteed returns although if the returns are low. For people having high risk appetite, shares can be beneficial and also the returns there are high.
    I would suggest you to consult some reputed financial services company wherein the experts will evaluate your financial goal and accordingly suggest you the best investment portfolio to suit your needs.

  9. neither
    tax certificates in AZ
    or become a mini VCer
    in each case your return can be 100% safe and the ROI over 100% per year

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