What is the best way to invest income from sale of property?

If I get a good amount of money from sale of a property shall i invest it back in property only or there are other options too by save on taxes?

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  1. That can depend on your age, what amount of risk you want to take,and whether or not you need to take out any money it makes for you, e.g. interest on the account. Without this info you cannot get solid investment advice.

  2. If you are at retirement age and have sold your property at a good price, here is an advice to you. At old age, you have to be ‘ASSET POOR, CASH RICH’. Any kind of investment are risky. Hold on to your money, don’t even think about buying properties or investment. Putting them in bonds, CD, T-Bill. Rent a home, make sure your have adequate health coverage. Enjoy your life.

  3. sale of property may involve capital gains concept. so better take direct advice from a practising chartered accountant in your area. He will advise you tax planning also basing on your actual amounts.

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