5 Replies to “What is the best way of investment in real estate to get profit?”

  1. Business shop lots are good real estate investment. You can rent it while waiting the value to go up and make profit by selling after the market value appreciated.

  2. It depends on your financial situation, your knowledge of real estate and investing, and many other factors. One option is to buy investment property to earn rental income. But, you have to pay taxes on rental income and there are costs involved in owning a rental home. Plus, you sometimes have to deal with periods of vacancy. So, again, whether or not this would be a good idea would depend on how much money you have to work with, your comfort level with being a landlord, etc.

    You could also look into REITs or other ways of investing in real estate without actually owning a house. The best first step might be to talk with a financial advisor to figure out what would make the most sense for you.

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  4. There is no easy answer to this question. It depends on various factors such as your investment preferences, how much capital/investment you want to put, risk taking ability, knowledge of real estate markets, etc.
    Assuming you are a layman with basic idea about real estate and familiarity with a city, please stick to residential properties only. There are two ways to benefit or get returns
    1. Earn Rents (if let out) or Save Rents (in case property is for own use)
    2. Capital Value appreciation (i.e. price of the property goes up overtime)
    There are a few things you must remember here:-
    – Investment is for long term (trading or speculation is practically not possible)
    – Liquidity: Pretty low because you cannot sell them as quickly as selling stock or gold
    – Returns: In short term you may see minimal or no returns, but overtime it will give stable returns, which will increase or grow with rising prices and rents.
    – Rental Income: Dont think you can just invest in real estate and live on rental income. That works only in some cases. Rental yields will be too low initially (when you invest) but over medium to long term the rents will be good. But if you have mortgage the rents will only serve to pay part of the mortgage rather than filling your pocket, but in the long run you will be surprised to see that you can literally make your tenant pay your mortgage.

    You can also read some informative articles at

    So whichever way you look at it you need large capital, patience, ability to withstand volatility, etc. In addition you have to be prepared to bear costs related to maintenance such as painting, furnishing, cleaning, plumbing, etc that happen from time to time. However, property investing can be highly rewarding provided you have some patience for the initial couple of years. Later you only need to spend lesser time, energy and costs, while returns will improve with better market conditions.

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