What is the best returns and secure insurance child plan/policy in India?

Hi, my son has just turned 1 yr old ( and I am 34 yrs old ). I want to take up some insurance plan for him that can provide for education wealth at 16 to 17 yrs time frame. Any good suggestions ??
( Note: I already have a 15K per month SIP running in ten MFs-mix of EqDiv & Bal, and 70K per year in PPF for him and myself combined. )

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4 Replies to “What is the best returns and secure insurance child plan/policy in India?”

  1. Sounds like you need an investment. Try reposting under the category “investing”. And, also repost under answsers international in India.

  2. Go for Komal Jeevan policy of LIC
    On the policy anniversary immediately following the Life assured attains the age of
    18 years 20%
    20 years 20%
    22 years 30%
    24 years 30 %
    Jeevan Anurag of LIC
    20% of the Sum assured will be payable at the end of the 17th,18th, 19th year and 40% of the Sum Assured along with the reversionary bonuses and the terminal bonus, if any, at the end of the 20th year.

  3. Understand that you have 2 questions here. One is about insurance and another is about investing. They have nothing to do with each other. Insurance is only bought on your child for burial purposes and therefore the amount of coverage should be small and the premium extremely low and the child on your policy so you are not charged a policy fee for 2 separate policies. Where to invest is something to talk with an investor. I am not sure what is available in India. I will tell you, if you talk with someone and they try to combine the 2 (insurance and investing); get them out of your home immediately. So if you currently have a life policy with a savings, I would tell you to look at it closely because chances are extremely high (close to 100% of the time), it is not the right program.

  4. Avoid taking insurance policies for children. Insurance is not Investment. You should have enough TERM COVER for yourself. For Investment , PPF / Direct Equity / SIP in Mutual Funds are good options.

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