4 Replies to “what is the best pension plan available in market with assured pension return?”

  1. there are so many pension plans..i’m namit advisor in icici prudential.

    in my company there are 3-4 plans and all works best..but i suggest people to take life stage pension..

    for more detail pls contact [email protected]

    pls send me your detail …i.e. job,salary,age etc for more conclusion

  2. You need to First Analyse Your Needs and Demands.
    You have to calculate it with inflation rate as well.You can take a Reliance Product.I have taken 1 for myself.
    Its good plan and gives assured returns as well.You can contact munish-9810582773 or [email protected] is a Senior Manager in Reliance Life Insurance.
    He’ll help you out Better as he is having a Comparison with all the Companies.

  3. Kotak Retirement Investment Plan..

    It offers maximum returns with options to switch the money among different funds during the unstable market conditions to maximize the returns. ULIPs from Kotak are consistently getting maximum awards every year since no other insurer is able to provide higher returns than them.

  4. If you are using the word assured pension, means you are not interested in equity linked products where there is no assurance.

    In pension products of any insurer, you basically invest today & at the maturity, buy annuity from same/different insurer. All insurer are known for high charges & that definitely affect your return.

    Even if you take traditional pension plan, you will get a return of about 2% less then FD/PPF return (in range of 7%) as minimum this 2% will go towards charges.

    Now I tell you a different way to save for your future. Open a PPF account & extend it by 5 or 10 years on maturity (15 years). What ever is accumulated, you are free to survive on its interest or free to purchase annuity at that time. This will give you a true 9% return minimum (PPF return)

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