What is the best option to invest Rs 15k as tax saving with minimum locking period?

I already have LIC Policy(Jeevan Anand)
I want to invest around Rs 15,000 this year apart from the LIC. Which would be the best option?
In the last couple of years heard negative abt ULIP’s

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  1. ELSS , these are mutual funds with three year lock-in period . This is always a better option than ulip .An addition you must do is for medical insurance , at least for two lacs . If married than mediclaim for ur wife and there is something called Term Insurance from LIC , this is best as a risk cover .

  2. Investment in Mutual funds are exemted from tax, minimum period is for 1 year, as it would be considered long term investment, returns would be also tax free if u wish to take them out after 1 year.

  3. Did you know that 8 out of 10 Indians continue to lose money on tax saving instruments year after year!!! While investing in one shot, the returns are mainly when you enter, rather than which instrument you’ve invested in.

    What you might want to consider is take a good advisor’s help & draw a financial plan for you which will put this 15k to accomplish a financial goal & save you tax at the same time.


  4. I think dubai property is the best port for investment.If you have enough amount you can investment in dubai property you can search different property rate through this site http://www.bayut.com. I hope that this option is much better than others suggestion.

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