11 Replies to “what is the best option to invest Rs.1.5 lakhs in india?”

  1. Now u will what type of job or business doing, u think can i do any small business or u deposit to post office or banks, r u leaving any cities u will do share business or financing & lot of business………………………………………..

  2. go for a small shop or mobile shop who deliveries things like col drinks, cigarettes chips to home at hours near to any college hostel some where out of city. you can profit double in 3 months.bet. own experience i am telling. in odd hours when needed we can even pay double than the price.

  3. If you are exuberant then stock market is the way to go, or else I suggest good Mutual fund scheme as it may return moderate returns with minimal risk.


  4. Rs.1,5lakhs to invest.., what r u kidding me,

    Better invest in Bonds or Mutual funds because the economy of India is rising hence the chances are high that u get good Payback.

    Elsewhere 1.5lakhs is not good amount to invest.


  5. Mutal Fund is for the conservative and risk averse people,with good return.
    If you opt for a private business then you need more money like CC from the bank,

  6. i f u r looking for a conservative investment…..
    then invest in MUTUAL FUNDS…it is the best option available…as it is not much risky as the portfolio will be diversified…very less costs..and highly profitable(compare to other investment avenues) contact some private bank like IOCICI,HDFC,KOTAK….and ask for investment advisory…and that u wanna invest in MF’s…they suggest u a good fund..based on yr investment profile..risk and return profile etc…..
    all the best…
    Happy investing

  7. Real Estate.

    Buy a piece of land cheaply in different localities. Either of them may fetch you big profit. Yet others won’t lose their value. They will also give you a considerable margin.

    Otherwise, mutual funds and shares.
    Fixed Deposit – 40%
    Mutual funds – 30%
    Shares – 25% or 20%
    Liquid – 5% or 10%

    You can do both.
    Invest 80,000 in real estate. (May be you can buy 2 or 3 plots cheaply)
    Invest the balance in stock market as said above.

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