9 Replies to “What is the best Mutual Fund to be invested?”

  1. If u are ready to take some risk u can try Unit Linked Plans and a Systamatic investment Plan. HDFC Mutual Funds are good. If u don’t want any risk can try non equity funds.
    Go to an MNC to have advisor’s assistance.

  2. sirji: if you expect serious boarders to reply then plz mention your risk category and your background in equity instruments and how much you plan to invest per month and how much is your total investment compared to to your total investment.

    since we do not know any of the above data. it is difficult to comment.

  3. It depends upon the following
    1) if your age is below 30 and can wait for more than 10 years for returns then u can invest in HDFC top 200 or Reliance Growth Fund
    2) if it is for tax saving then Sundaram BNP paribas Tax saver fund or Taurus Tax saver fund.
    3) If your age is above 30 and have committments a lot please do not invest in mutual funds. We cannot depend for short term returns. Any time our market may crash. It is always better to invest thru systematic investment plan for atleast a period of five years for good returns
    All the best

  4. No one can guarantee any MF to be the best . While is would be safe and profitable to use any MF which is in the market and has given better performances than the INDEX . Secondly all MFs have different funds and performances vary from fund to fund and also time to time.

    I have been dealing with Magnum Funds of State Bank of India for good service , performance and returns. May start with MF attached with any bank . Don’t expect more than 15 – 20% in the 1st year and 25 – 40% annualised if you remain invested for 4 – 5 years in a good diversified Equity fund.

  5. HDFC TOP 200

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