3 Replies to “What is the best LIC policy, IN VIEW OF YEARLY SAVINGS UPTO-15-20 YEARS?”

  1. If you say, only in LIC, I think JEEVA-SARAL is the best, which has been awarded Golden Peacock Award.
    Its like ATM, but can work as retirement plan if you dont take out the money till end.
    For better guidelines, ask your LIC agent.

  2. Hi Prakash,

    Note that, you need to keep insurance and investment separate.

    Insurance is for safety, while investments are done for returns.

    If you want assured and safe returns after 15-20 years, then you can try PPF or NSC, both offered you guaranteed returns and are safe. Both of the above mentioned options currently offer interest rate of 8 % per annum and interest is compounded.

    Insurance policies, at the best would offer you 5-7 % of returns.

    So I would recommend you to go for the combination of term insurance and PPF / NSC for assured returns.



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