what is the best LIC policies for kids today?

should i buy LIC policy or i invest the same yearly premium in PPF, i have taken SIP,Mutual funds,ULIP but none of them is giving good returns, thus banking on LIC policies but agent is suggesting 1L premium for each kids(2 kids), is it advice able to go for 1L premium for LIC or PPF, please suggest. As per agent i will get 8 to 8.5 returns in 12,18 yrs which is same as PPF. Thanks

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  1. Respected sir , i suggest to you for taken a pure term insurance like Amulya jeevan – 1 (LIC) on your own life , and further invest in PPF for your child’s future.

  2. Hi

    as tripathy told u can take a term plan for you and invest in Mutual fund sip route + ppf . based on your risk profile..

    Pls avoid these education plans and other ulips that will eat ur hard earned money.. these are the products which are mis sold highly..


  3. Best LIC Policies For Kids

    * Bal Vidya – Plan no.135
    * Children Deferred – Plan no.41
    * Jeevan Balya – Plan no.101
    * Jeevan Chhaya – Plan no.103
    * Jeevan Kishore – Plan no.102
    * Jeevan Sukanya – Plan no.109
    * Jeevan Vishwas – Plan no.136
    * Money Back Children’s Assurance Plan – Plan no.113

  4. Returns from insurance policies will be less than inflation.

    Insurance is not investment.

    Take TERM PLAN for yourself.

    For your children invest in a combination of PPF / SIP / Direct equity.

  5. ULIP if the switch facility is well managed can give decent returns in the long run. Make good enquiry about education and work experience of your advisor.

    Ensure you are insured adequately as per Human Life Value Method.

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