What is the best LIC pension plan for a 23 year old?

I do not want to retire now. I want to plan for my retirement which will be after the age of 60 or so.

What is the best LIC pension plan for a 23 year old?
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  1. You want to retire at the age of 23? Life is short. Enjoy when you are young. Saving for the season is a wise idea. But saving for the future ? What is the guarantee that we are going to live for ever.

  2. My advice for everyone , who is thinking about insurance plan is that check the charges first. Charges eat most of your returns. Also if you are going for pension plan, return of your annuity will be less (less then the bank interest rate) & will be taxable.

    If you have decided to go for pension plan then go for single premium plan with minimum allowed premium & then top up it with any amount. It will save many charges for you. Check yourself before opt for any plan.

    I prefere mutual fund route over insurance route for my savings due to charges.

  3. Birla sunlife insuarance is best plan. I am giving you a no. of an agency manager. you may contact to him. his name is Mr. Niraj and mobile no. is 9911401231. feel free to call him. he’ll tell you the detail.

  4. My humble suggestion is to go in for LIC’s Jeevan Nidhi. A pension plan which will function as endowment insurance policy till maturity and the maturity proceeds will be converted to pension fund and you will get the pension life long after maturtiy and after you, your nominee will get the maturity amount in lump sum.
    For more details on this plan visit LIC’s website http://www.licindia.com

    You will get insurance coverage as well as pension savings.

    good luck
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