What is the Best Investment Option in India?

Now a days bank deposit or fixed deposit has no values with little or no interest. What is the best possible methods of investing money for an average man. Some says Mutual Fund is good but then again many complains of no returns. Is there any safe investment with less or no breaking penalty and better returns?

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  1. Go for bank deposits. Now most of the banks are giving you up to 10% per annum returns for long term. Don’t go for Gold, that is the most risky thing as of now. In current situation, MF or direct investment into shares is much better, compared to Gold.

  2. no 1 is share market trading
    no 2 sharemarket investment
    3 mutual fund
    last is bank fixed deposits
    bank deposits nowadays are being robbed of tds also
    do you know TATA AIG mahagold if not call 9488992917

  3. I think Share Market and Gold is the best option to invest money in India. Before investing in Share Market you should take Share Market tips from an expert to reduce the risk.

  4. I feel one should diversify and invest in different asset classes as per availability of funds and goals in life.

    If you are interested in mutual funds then one should have horizon on 5-7 years, and best is go with SIP in mutual funds, mutual funds are not for short term say for one-two years.

    As you said safe investment then best would be go with Fixed deposits from bank with give you guaranteed return, but as you said no penalty for breaking in between then in that case best is to go with Floating rate income funds for short term plans which don’t have exit load or any charges.

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