5 Replies to “what is the best investment formula for someone getting an in-hand salary of 20000?”

  1. well, i’m just a student now. so i wil try my best. .investments depend on many factors. how much do u spend out of the 20? are u the only bread-winner of ur family? are u already under any loan,debts,etc.? do u hav any siblings ready 4 marriage? do u hav such things then ur plan must b according to that..but i hav seen some of my neighbors receive bet 20-30 thousand and they say that they are gonna invest in gold,or land… i suggest gold is better cos 20k is not enough to invest in land.. u might save 4 some time but very often inflation damages our dreams. i suggest “gold”. its very useful..

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  3. The best investment formula will be

    Investment = 10% Savings + SIP = Returns

    Save at least 10% of your cash in hand salary (Rs 2000) for investing.
    Buy a mutual fund SIP and invest Rs 2000 in a diversified equity mutual fund through SIP

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