What is the best investment for a retired person apart from bank fixed deposits?

I am a retired person. I have 8 to 9 lakhs to invest.I get regular income from my retirement plans. That is I do not need any monthly income from the spare money.No share market or mutual funds. Bank deposits are at low rates.
I do not want to lock it for more than 2 years.Can any one suggest a best investment option.?

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  1. I can make a Investment plan** for you, bench marked against the prevailing FD rates. FD’s are low risk investments, hence corresponding returns; You can take some calculated risks based on understanding a Quantified Risk estimate, hence rationally desire higher return expectations.

  2. Hai Laxmi madam,
    Y not,buy a piece of land where some mango tree ,jack fruit tree ,banana, grape plant,i mean full of trees plants,and make a small house…………………..till………o my god very good life .with grand children…..
    reality is good mam if not required the liquid money


  3. buy gold coins from any banks in small lots of 20 grams at very decline.

    Gold is best hedge against inflation. But one should have locker facility in nearby bank . Gold apprcaites in line with inflation and easy dispose to realise cash

  4. Considering the age group you are in, its better to opt for safe deposits like FDs. You can additionally go for short term debt funds for increased returns. If you have a risk appetite then mutual funds is an excellent option.

  5. you can invest ur money with dotcom business. Your cost for dotcom business will be 1 to 2 lakh and return will be 2 to 5 lakh depend on ur marketing plan.

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