5 Replies to “what is the best insurance plan with maximum coverage for High Risk Pregnacy?”

  1. impossible to answers without more infromation.

    country? state?
    group or individual policy?
    what insurance companies offer coverage in your area?

    those are some of the questions that need answering b4 yours can be answered.

  2. your best bet is to get insurance with a 100/70 plan. when i had my son, they covered EVERYTHING. i just had to pay my $200 copay. it was wonderful cause i had a healthy preg. and it was like $10000. anyways try and get some insurance that provides a 100/70 plan cause that will covered just about everything… more than the 90/70 plan

  3. Honestly, it’s tough to say, there are literally TONS of insurance companies out there. But I hope you mean you are just trying to get pregnant and know that you will be high risk. Because if you are already pregnant, you cannot get coverage. All private insurers consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition, and they won’t cover any pre-existing conditions for 12 to 18 months, depending on the company. I hope you are just now trying!

    **Just saw your edit, sorry I don’t know anything about the best companies in your area. Definitely go under the COBRA plan if you need to though- I’m just glad you weren’t out there trying to get insurance when already pregnant. You’d be surprised how many people I’ve run into that don’t know anything about pregnancy as a pre-existing condition with insurance.

  4. We had health plans with Guardian. In a nutshell they are beautiful. Other than my $10 co-pay for doctor’s visit I did not pay for ANYTHING including medicine, ultrasound, all the blood works and surgery…and we qualified as a couple for $500 towards vision plan, since my partner does not have glasses, I got myself a Georgio Armani. I still miss Guardian after 3 yrs…sigh. (we swtiched jobs, so had to let go of them)

  5. You should check into medicaid. I’m diabetic and my insurance at work doesn’t cover a whole lot so I applied for Medicaid. Of course, it depends on how much money you make. I’m now recently single so I just barely qualified. It’s always worth checking into.

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