7 Replies to “What is the best day to purchase gold ornaments at cheaper rate?”

  1. It doesn’t work like that.

    At retail level you’ll get a fixed street price (the seller puts the price.)

    International gold price variations don’t apply to finished products at retail level (like a gold ornament.)

    Besides gold’s value rarely goes down; and even if it were going down, there is no way to predict when.

    What you should do is to try to find the retail sellers with the best deals (and try to avoid the gold scams.)

  2. The day on which you’re full with your shopping card.
    Man, gold rates are increasing… and you’re thinking of it on discounts… grow up… make your mind n buy jewellary for you (or for your spouse)…

  3. Are you gone nuts how can we estimate gold price on a particular future date? It’s based on international circumstances and they change Minute by minute

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