What is the Best bank for me?

I am a student from delhi,india. I want an account with a bank where I could get credit card, internet banking, ATM service….Which bank would be the best for me?
I rounded up on Punjab National Bank because of its convienent location. It offered me internet banking and ATM card but not credit card. I was thinking if i should get an account in SBI and then use PNB ATM(its near my college), but wouldnt frequent use of the ATM lead to lots of money going to the banks?…

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  1. Any major bank will offer these services to you, so this is a very ambiguous question. Personally I would recommend a very large bank so that you know you will always have access to their ATMS.

    Bank of America
    Wells Fargo
    US Bank
    Chase (formerly Washington Mutual)

  2. No American bank will issue you a credit card if you are not a resident or a citizen of the U.S. You can however get a secured credit card from any bank that issues a secured credit card. It just means you would have to make a deposit (the credit limit on your credit card will be the same as your deposit). Most banks issue a secured credit card. Any adult can qualify, since the bank is not taking any risks. If you do not make payments, it comes out of your deposit.

    There is another requirement, since you do not have a regular social security number, IRS can issue you an identification number (Banks usually have those forms). It is a substitute for a regular social security number that people who do not have a social security card need to conduct business or bank transactions, anyone can get this).

    Getting a secure credit card is also a good way to establish or reestablish credit. Good Luck

  3. State Bank of India is the best bank in India. It has more than 10500 branches in India and abroad. More than that it has rural net work also. You can open various types of deposits accounts and demat account, PPF Account you can do online trading also. Bank also conduct government

    More important is bank does not recover any hiden charges from customers as done by other private sector banks like HDFC, ICICI BANK. Service is quick, satisfactory. You can do net banking also. It has more ATM counters. Your deposits are insured, safe and has lot of deposit schemes. As there are more branches some branches are opened on Sundays and timings are also staggered so even at late hours/ early hours you will gate your work done from any of the branch all branches are connected via internet
    so you can deposit cash/ withdraw cash, deposit your cheques or from any branch, any where in India.

    You can also avail various credit facilities like demand loan, term loan cash credit, overdraft, agricultural term loans, agricultural cash credit, gold loan in addition to credit card advance.

    State Bank also conduct government business. It is also in life insurance sector. In short most of our financial transactions are efficiently handled by this Bank.

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