6 Replies to “What is the benefit of Income tax which we pay yearly to Government.?”

  1. Depends whether you are referring to State or Federal Govt. At the state level, income taxes go toward schools, parks, road maintenance and local infrastructure, garbage pickup, police/firefighters, libraries, and countless other things.

    At Federal level would be national security, state parks, highway maintenance, disaster relief, and many countless other things.

    People take stuff for granted. Granted, no one want to pay taxes, but if you don’t like it, leave the country and see how good (or bad) life is in another country!

  2. Government needs taxes to build rail networks, schools, highways, etc.

    They provide us round the clock security using intelligence networks, anti-terrorism squads and defense (army, navy & air force).

    As common man, taxes also help making your money in legal form. You can use income tax return to get loans, settle down in foreign countries or build your business.

  3. I think that

    One should pay Income tax because it is obligation as per law.
    If anyone disobey law by not paying income tax, he can be fined and even punished in jail.
    So its a duty/obligation to pay without thinking what govt. will give him in return.

    Second, The income tax we pay is the revenue of government from which it pays salaries to its staff like army, navy, police, hospital staff etc. and also run some social programmes & institutes for benefit of society etc.

    (rest you can contact some professional for answer)

  4. Income tax or for the fact any kind of tax we pay to the government is income in their hands and is utilized for various expenses which the govt. pays for our well-being. It is utilized in the fields of medicine, education, science, social hygiene, etc. which indirectly improves our living standards. This is published in Annual Budget every year.

    If you don’t pay and evade tax then i would call you someone who is similar to a Politician who swindles our tax money. After all you also swindle the money payable to others. So you are also a CHEAT. This is my opinion on someone who does not pay tax and not on anyone in particular. So pay tax and be a rightful citizen.

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