2 Replies to “what is switching, morality & riders charges & meanings in the insurance policy & are they same in mutual fund?”

  1. Switching means you switch from one insurance plan to the other.
    Mortality- it is related with nos of death agewise.
    riders- means when u choose an insurance plan you are offered some riders like critical illness, accidental death etc.

  2. Switching – If you switch from one fund to another, this charge is imposed (after some free switches)

    Mortality – This charge applies to amount under insurance cover & it changes with age. Only this charge is useful for you as it goes towards insuring you.

    Rider charges – If you take any rider like critical illness or accidental, this is applied.

    In mutual fund, there is no Mortality & rider charge as it do not provide insurance. Switching charges are applied when you switch from one fund to another within the same company.

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