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  1. BSE Sensex or Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index is a value-weighted index composed of 30 stocks started in 01 of jan, 1986. It consists of the 30 largest and most actively traded stocks, representative of various sectors, on the Bombay Stock Exchange. These companies account for around one-fifth of the market capitalization of the BSE. The base value of the sensex is 100 on April 1, 1979, and the base year of BSE-SENSEX is 1978-79.

    Nifty Fifty was an informal term used to refer to 50 popular large cap stocks on the New York Stock Exchange in the 1960s and 1970s that were widely regarded as solid buy and hold growth stocks.

    The fifty are credited with propelling the bull market of the early 1970s. Most are still solid performers, although a few are now defunct or otherwise worthless.

  2. sensex is a unit of bombay stock exchange and nifty is the number of companies listed(i.e. 50) in the exchange, thats why it is called as nifty

  3. sensex comprises of bombay stock exchange(bse),whereas nifty comprises of national stock exchange of India.

    In bse(sensex) their r top 30-35 listed companies the 1 or 2 companies keeps on changing based on their previous year performance. bombay stock exchanse established in 1884 under british rule is oldest stock exchange of the world.

    in nse(nifty) their r 200 listed companies established in june 1994.is less popular compared to sensex.

  4. Sensex & Nifty both are an “index”.An index is basically an indicator giving you a general idea about whether most of the stocks have gone up or most of the stocks have gone down.
    Sensex is an index of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
    Neat Informative Feasible Timely Yours
    National Stock Exchange Fifty (NSE)

  5. Sensex: Index of;a group of 30 shares from Bombay Exchange.Nifty:Index of a group 50 shares from National Securities Exchange.

  6. Sensex and Nifty are the stock indices of the two largest stock exchanges in India.

    Once a company’s public offering is complete, it gets listed in a stock exchange. After listing it would be available for trading to all investors in the stock exachanges where they are listed. In India we have two major stock exchanges. They are:

    1. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) &
    2. The Bombay Stock Exchanges (BSE)

    To know more visit: http://anandvijayakumar.blogspot.com/2008/10/stock-exchanges-in-india_22.html

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