What is sensex and on what basis it is been calculated?

Did anyone know how the sensex is calculated and also i need to know the website where i can able to see the live report of global sensex….

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  1. sensex is overall picture of stock prices of major companies …. if sensex goes down the stock of majority of shares will go down and if goes up it means stock of most of the comp have gone up.the Sensex is calculated taking into consideration stock prices of 30 different BSE listed companies. It is calculated using the “free-float market capitalization” method.

  2. Sensex is calculated on the basis of the sensex stocks of the Bombay exchange. There are 30 stocks which are selected on the basis of performance, their market volume, following of the exchange procedures etc. The basis points of each of the share is decided on the basis of its traded volume.

  3. Sensex is a Share Market Indicator in India.

    Sensex is the sum of the average Market Capitalization of the top 30 Companies for the day.
    Market Capitalization means: Market Value of the Share of a Company mulitplied by the Number of Share Holders.

    At the end of a trading day, the top 30 Companies based on Market Capitalization are selected and the average is what we get as SENSEX.

    Sensex is thus an Indian Share Market Indicator and NOT A GLOBAL INDEX.

    U can get its real time updates on:

  4. Sensex is the index of bombay stock exchange and it is calculated on the basis of the performance of 30 representative shares. When they raise the index also goes up and vice versa. There is no global sense available. Different stock exchanges follow different indexes. Nifty is NSE index, there is dow jones index and many more indexes.

  5. go to bseindia.com that is BSE website.

    The BSE is the oldest stock exchange in Asia. It is situated in Dalal Street in Mumbai. It is the third largest stock exchange in south Asia and the tenth largest in the world. BSE has over 5000 companies that are listed in it. The objectives of the BSE are similar to that of the NSE. BSE also uses the latest technologies in the IT field to provide a single place where traders from across the world can buy/sell shares in the Indian share market.

    BSE Index or SENSEX:

    The BSE Index or the Sensex as it is popularly known, is the index of the performance of the 30 largest & most profitable, popular companies listed in the index. Each company that is part of the index has its own weightage in the value of the Index.

    The index value is a weighted average of the prices of these 30 companies.

    for more details pls check the source.

  6. Well..it is difficult to answer. I guess you need to take the advice and be updated with sources.

    It follows globel trends, oil price and gold price as well.

    Sensex is calculated based on net share volume purchased and selled on intraday basis.

    So, now if selling is more than purchase , market will get less amount and index falls and vice versa.

    If oil prices shoot up, index gets down and gold prices rises.

    Now live report of global indicies can be found on


    Here you can see Live Oil Price, Live Gold Price, Live BSE Sensex Graph, Live NSE Nifty Graph.

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