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  1. Dear Buddy,

    Sensex – Sensitive Index (BSE)

    Nifty – National Index (NSE)

    Business in this context is Stock Market.

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    Senthil EG Iyappan

  2. SENSEX and NIFTY are indices of major Stock Market of INDIA i.e.The Bombay Stock Exchange and The National Stock Exchange respectively.

    1 SENSEX….derived its name from SENSitive indEX. This index comprises of Top 30 Stock traded in The Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) comprising all major sectors such as IT, Cement,Oil and Natural Gas, Bank,Auto,e.t.c. Its a cumulative index. Remember it is just 30 stock index. Those 30 stock are dynamic in nature and keeps on changing.

    2. NIFTY…..derived its name from the National Stock Exchange(NSE)and f IFTY. Just because NSE uses 50 major stock across all major sectors to constitute an Index called NIFTY. The major difference between two indices that the later uses 50 stocks as compared to 30 stocks used for Sensex.

    Note:- Both these indices are the barometer of the stock exchange, which shows that how that market is faring. In absence of such indices it is impossible to gauge the mood of the market OR to measure the performance of the Market.

    Apart from these two indices there are several Sectoral indices constituted by the two exchanges to measure the performance of that particular sector in the stock Market such as BANKEX, NIFTY IT , MIDCAP NIFTY, e.t.c

    Hope it answers your query. Enjoy safe and secure investing !

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