4 Replies to “what is relation between BSR code and bank account number?”

  1. BSR code is unique for a branch of a bank.Hence all the branches of any Bank will have its unique BSR ( Basic Statistical Return) Code. and the account no. will be your identity no. with that branch.

    Don’t be hasty in just writing the BSR code before the account no. I would recommend you to write to them and take the new account no. from them. You can also email them for the new account no. All banks have different style in providing the account nos.

  2. Yes some bank add the branch code no. with additional zeros before the actual account number. It is better to get clarified with the bank.

  3. As a rule, there is no relationship between the two. In some Bank/s they have made the account number to contain the BSR code-number of the branch.

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