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  1. Well I think you need to have solid capital backing. This will be ideal if you would like to get a mortgage. Do you intend to buy to let?

  2. You have to be more specific regarding “real estate business.”

    If you want to be a real estate investor, go to http://www.creonline.com . Browse that site. Find a local real estate investment club in your area. Attend the meetings. Network. And learn. There are no requirements as to age, background, education, income, etc. It costs nothing upfront to become a real estate investor.

    If you want to be a Realtor, contact two or three major real estate firms in your area. Find out what they offer. Generally, many will offer a state-required and approved pre-licensing course…for example, 60 hours of classroom time. Then there’s a licensing exam, administered by a state agency. If you pass, then you affiliate with a real estate firm. There are certain minimal requirements as to age and to lack of a criminal history. It’ll cost you several thousand dollars–prelicensing course, licensing exam, registration with the state, and membership in national, state, and local Realtor groups–to get started.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Rockey, first of all in the US, you have to take a class write a test to get your realestate license. Then get into a realestate and work for them. You get paid by commission if you sell a house. Once you start to work in a realestate you would have to sell an amount of property I believe it’s 10 not sure however after transacting the appropriate amount of deals then you can apply for your brokers license however if you cannot get the amount of properties sold, you would have to be in the business as a realestate agent for 2 years to apply for broker’s license. After accomplishing that then you can open your very own realestate and to do that you would have to have liquid cash to start up. but email me if you need further info.

  4. There is no specific requirement for this realestate business. Only thing needed is experience. Without experience you cannot shine in this field. since you are 24 years old, atleast 2 to 3 years you must have experience in this field. After that if you start business then only you can able to handle the situation correctly.

    1. Plots Buying and selling Brokerage
    2. Rental Brokerage
    3. Flats Buying and selling Brokerage
    all are under Real estate Business category.

    Choose the above options and get experience in that and start your own business. All the best.

  5. no matters you belongs to which tread, it just depends on the thing that how well your negotiation skills or how great is your knowledge in such sector, or how u manage various situations……just keep your eye on current real estate activities.

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