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  1. PPF stands for Public Provident Fund. It ia an investment tool where you get tax benefits and 8% annualized return.

    – Fixed 8% annual return
    – Tax beneifits under 80C

    – Cannot take out money till 6 years
    – After 6 years you can withdraw 50% of your amount

  2. do you refer to an economic term? if so, it is defined asIn economics, a production possibilities frontier (PPF) or “transformation curve” is a graph that shows the different quantities of two goods that an economy (or agent) could efficiently produce with limited productive resources. Points along the curve describe the trade-off between the two goods, that is, the opportunity cost. Opportunity cost here measures how much an additional unit of one good costs in units forgone of the other good. The curve illustrates that increasing production of one good reduces maximum production of the other good as resources are transferred away from the other good.

    its called Production Probability Fronteir

    ]just cllick the link sorry im not agood explainer but at last i;l provide you with an illustration inthe link i chose for you

  3. In India it is PUBLIC PROVIDENT FUND.

    A fixed amount of your salary will be deducted and paid into your account with this PPF which is A Government of India sector , The savings here attracts Interest for the Investment and is exempted from Income Tax under section 80C, Further you are allowed to with draw from this account after 6 years and finally upon your retirement you will be allowed to draw from this the entire amount.

    This indirectly protect the employees future after retirement and is considered as a very successful savings method.

    In addition to Government employees even private companies are entitled to deduct PPF and remit to the account.

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